Take A Peek At Char & Nina’s Mine Box!

For this two budding fashion gurus in the blogosphere, saving up and taking note of their priorities is a necessity that everyone must take into serious consideration. Char and Nina are not just the best of friends but they’re also the perfect partners when it comes to their interest in clothes and photography. Having a single blog to share their fashion knickknacks, the two young ladies are out to set an exemplary lead on using ReMINEd as their very own handy and efficient vision board where they store everything that they want to call “mine” someday.

As summer’s about to say its cheerful hello to us all, can you guess the girls’ wishes? Read more of Brenda’s guest post on their blog to see the sophisticated items that Char and Nina have on their minds for the upcoming beach weather by clicking here. And if you want ReMINEd for yourself (it’s available for both iOS and Android), go ahead and check out the download links posted on its official website.

char and nina features ReMINEd


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