ReMINEd Encourages You to Make a Wish

Making a wish is not generally designed for birthdays or Christmas day only. Admit it, we all crave for something new almost every day, so it is pretty safe to utter a little wish even though there’s no special occasion. In fact, most of the time these simple wishes serve as our fuel to work hard and be good little angels. Agree? The only problem, though, is that not all of us are capable of turning these little wishes into tangible stuff. Fret no more! ReMINEd is here to solve your dilemma. *Wink!*

ReMINEd is a visual wishlist reminder application that helps visualize dreams and turn them into reality. Think of vision boards with a notification feature right on your mobile phone—that’s how it works. After all, we tend to be more inspired in attaining something if we see it always, right?

To give you a glimpse on how you can use ReMINEd, check out Janelle’s blog this instant. She even revealed what’s inside her MINE box. Yay!

Janelleski ReMINEd App Review

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