ReMINEd Pushes Its Way On Raid My Closet

Fashion bloggers can’t seem to ignore ReMINEd! Who can blame them? The app basically covers everything that people need to have that extra ounce of effort towards reaching their long-term goals or even mundane to extravagant material wants! Adding to the latest roster of bloggers who have found the visual-wishlist application helpful is Arnie Villanueva, the fashionista behind the blog Raid My Closet.

The very efficient and download-worthy app, ReMINEd, is ADSI’s offering to the iOS and Android audience that primarily guides them to envision all their wants and eventually make it all come true. Users can put in a maximum of five wants on their Mine Box but if you’re nothing like a reserved dreamer, the full version is your perfect match! For $0.99, you can have the full version of ReMINEd on your device! It’s a great bargain, don’t you think?

To know more about ReMINEd, you can read Arnie’s full post by clicking here.

arnie villanueva's app feature of ReMINEd


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