CarCrazee Left Its Mark On Jcyberinux!

Another tech blogger has been informed about the existence of CarCrazee through the help of our dear friend, Raisa!

Joseph of posted an app feature concerning how CarCrazee can be one of the well-loved social networking applications out in the market. As ADSI’s flagship mobile software, CarCrazee is now on its way to the top as more and more car enthusiasts are creating their own nifty profiles on the app.

As Joseph puts it, CarCrazee is an “innovative application for car junkies around the world.” Read the rest of his feature here. So if you’re a car-monger yourself, go ahead and give CarCrazee a try. You may even gather numerous zoomers! For the reasonable price of free, download the app on your iOS devices now! Soon enough, Android users can hitch on the joyride!

jcyberinux features CarCrazee

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