ReMINEd Is Your “Beauty ReMINEd-er”

Most of the blogs that have featured ReMINEd highlighted the app’s prime characteristic of being a perennial visual reminder of wants and wishes. Since ReMINEd is acting as a prompter of your dreams or goals, you can bank on the app to help you with your priorities no matter how small it is. One of our blogger buddies got the chance to showcase the wants of another beauty blogger on the site Random Beauty. Brenda discussed some of the things that Ms. Hollie (author of Random Beauty) stores in her Mine Box.

Visit Random Beauty now and know about the beauty essentials that every girl should store in her Mine Box.


We are thanking Ms. Hollie of Random Beauty for sharing to us the beauty essentials on her wish list. We are hoping that these wants will be on the palm of your hand with the help from ReMINEd app.

Download ReMINEd now and start mining basic beauty essentials and necessities just like Ms. Hollie!

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