Christine Liwag Craves for ReMINEd

For individuals who are handling their own businesses, juggling their time is a skill required to function successfully. With all the hullabaloo that’ll inevitably surround these hardworking entrepreneurs, a little help on keeping their heads in the game may prove to be one great push towards their goals. If you happen to know Christine Liwag, a fashion blogger who handles her own online shop, then you’ll know how chaotic the industry is without the proper help from other people or even a mobile app!

On Christine’s Tumblr blog, ADSI’s Brenda, created a guest post wherein she pointed out how our visual wishlist application named ReMINEd is a tool that can be used by busy bodies to make them center on their material wants. You see, ReMINEd is all about motivating its user to achieve their goals, be it material or not, by letting them post photos on their Mine Box and set the level of priority in each. With this, no matter how busy you are, the app can remind you of whatever it is you’re planning to achieve!

Go check out Christine’s blog here and know more about ReMINEd!

reMINEd on


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