The Maine Flair Suggests Maddie and Matt’s Safe World

Just like luck, accidents can pretty much target anybody. In Maine’s story about the multiple stressful events in her life that she and her family had surpassed, it is evident that during those moments, peace of mind is the number one defense for yourself. Sure, there are people who’s fortunate enough to be born with a certain kind of calmness in them but then, who can make sure that your kids will grow up knowing the right reactions to potentially dangerous scenarios?

Good thing AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. developed an application called Maddie and Matt’s Safe World that can teach children all the right stuff when they start to go about on their own. The app is equipped with an interactive story book and mini games that’s packed with knowledge and fun!

Read Maine’s full post here and see how fun and effective the app is in making the little ones aware of what can happen to them and what’s the right thing to do when the time comes.

themaineflair features maddie and matt's safe world


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