IDBuddy Gets The 5-Star Treatment From Applatter!

Our apps keep on impressing the Applatter team! Recently rated 5-stars from the considerate app reviewers was our 24/7 ID manager, IDBuddy! IDBuddy is certainly morphing into a great companion as more users see the functionality of the app.

Applatter‘s Jango Pearce sees IDBuddy’s alarm and storage features as “a reliable reminder of the most important stuff that you needed organized.” The site also admires IDBuddy’s advantage to the busy working people who often forget updating and renewing their IDs because of work engagements.


“IDBuddy might have been the most useful, most thoughtful, and single-handedly the most awesome buddy that I have met.” – Jango Pearce of Applatter
Experience having a cool app for id by downloading IDBuddy on the App Store now! A lite version is also available for Android users.

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