The Maine Flair On CarCrazee: An App To Indulge The Needs Of Car Junkies

Sharing car photos and finding your proper automobile clique on social networking sites are now faster with the help from CarCrazee. One of our blogger friends once again evaluates the cool features of CarCrazee and shares it to other car addicts. The Maine Flair explored the world of gear bigots and custom cars through CarCrazee app. She shared to her readers how CarCrazee not only spoils the obsession of car afficionados, but also highlights car tidbits that you can learn from the app.

“CarCrazee is more than just photo sharing of sleek and fast cars. This app enables its users to discuss car upgrades, customization of cars, paint changes and so on. CarCrazee is EVERYTHING about cars as it allows you to check out all the car facts you can learn.” – The Maine Flair


Read the rest of her review here. Download CarCrazee now for FREE on the App Store!


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