Ara: “Download Maddie & Matt’s Safe World”

Safety is and will always be our primary concern. It is innate for us to protect ourselves and our loved ones, especially our little darlings who don’t know how to fend themselves yet. But in reality, we can’t protect everyone all the time. Good thing, AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. created an app that will teach us some safety precautions when dealing with potentially dangerous situations. Presenting Maddie & Matt’s Safe World.

Maddie & Matt’s Safe World, a free educational iOS app, is packed with important lessons in personal safety. It has an interactive comic book, loads of engaging mini games, and an informative quiz.

Maybe this time you’re asking the query: “Why should I download this app?” Simply because, just like what Ara noted on her blog post: “… kids will eventually grow up and will have to face the world on their own.”

Ara Santiago Safe World App Review

To read the rest of Ara’s notes on Safe World, click here.


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