Ju Got Served: Maddie and Matt’s Safe World Is A Great Addition To The Edu-tainment Apps

It’s fulfilling to have bloggers recognize how Maddie and Matt’s Safe World can contribute to a child’s growth and general awareness towards the cruel twists of the real world. Parents strive hard to ensure their children’s welfare but it’s not going to be forever. Sooner or later, the fragile angels will have to learn how to face the outside world on their own while the anxious parents need to grasp the thought of letting go.

For this sympathetic blogger, kids who are so at ease with technology and comfort can still learn the knick and knacks of life by letting them play our free and educational mobile app.

“[Maddie and Matt’s Safe World] is just one of the few ways to educate your kids using the current and contemporary learning method. While the world never wears out of developing new things and technology each day, parents are free to take advantage of these modern novelties for their own kids’ benefit.”

jugotserved's Maddie and Matt's Happy Earth App Review

Click here to read the full review on Ju Got Served. And do check out Maddie and Matt’s Safe World in the AppStore now! It’s free and works perfectly well on iPads.


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