AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. Works On Teaching Kids Basic Safety Measures

Opening news sites and reading information on Twitter everyday can be brutally perplexing for me because of the unforgiving coverage about minors and how the media rabidly treat them. I don’t want to be insensitive and mention further what could be the harshest news report in the history concerning the recent case in Connecticut but with everything that’s going on with the social media right now, it’s hard to just sit and ignore. I am often left wandering about the little ones in our family. No matter how much we tell them the 411 when it comes to being on their own at school or at the playground, the world still cannot be trusted.

As much as possible, I try to tell the grown-ups in my family the recent happenings that greet me every time I’m online. I just want to let them know that savages are out there working on new vicious modi operandi by the hour. That’s not exactly the kind of news that grown-ups would like to hear from someone like me—a curious vicenarian, but still, it’s nice to have them informed. Though I’m aware that they are plenty informed what with the news slapping them with vile threats of danger towards kids everyday.


There really is no solution to stop the violence and these dangerous situations from occurring. And I noticed that one of the reasons might have something to do with the fact that kids these days are too preoccupied with the advancements available in the new world to even care about the potential perils. But just because there is no way to make a wholly safe world means that there are no aids or ways to minimize it. One of the easy solutions I found might lie in these modern advancements or gadgets available today.

Maddie and Matt’s Safe World, the newest educational application joining the Maddie and Matt franchise that we recently released, works on teaching kids basic safety guidelines when they are facing possibly dangerous situations. The app is interactive so getting kids to visualize what they must do when one of these situations happen is easy. Maddie and Matt’s Safe World is a far cry from the usual gun-and-zombie-inundated-apps because aside from the informative storytelling about a day in the life Maddie and Matt, the app also features mini games and activities that will leave your kids aware and educated.

Rough Day

This interactive storybook tells a rough day in the life of Maddie and Matt. This feature shows 14 different encounters with potential dangers happening when they are on their way to school, at the soccer field, at the bus stop, and even the natural phenomenon that occurred when they’re at home. Kids will have a field day learning simple guidelines when their innocent lives are at risk. Parents will also be delighted to know how good of an influence Maddie and Matt are like when Matt stood up to a bully at school or when he guided his sister when they came face-to-face with a stray dog.

Rough Day also teaches kids how to respond when humans are the one posing a danger to their ordinary lives. Some scenes contain encounters with a school bully and even a stranger at the bus stop. Maddie and Matt will tell kids how they are going to react when their classmate is pushing them around or when a stranger is asking them to come with him. Fun and instructive dialogues mixed with colorful illustrations will certainly engage the young readers to keep Maddie and Matt’s advice in mind.


Maddie and Matt’s encounter with a stray dog.


Maddie and Matt refusing to accept the stranger’s invitation.

Safety and Survival Kit

In Safety and Survival Kit, kids are asked to drag 27 items inside the safety knapsack so they will know what to bring when they are heading out. Each item dragged inside the bag holds a corresponding trivia to help kids understand the use of that particular item.




This is a mini game where kiddie players need to drag Maddie and Matt on both sides of the gutter to direct the pedestrians to the footbridge and stop them from crossing the expressway. Players are given a minute to help the jaywalkers use the footbridge. This game can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.



P.O.M: Presence of Mind

This feature teaches kids the solutions when a hazard is occurring inside their house. Kids need to drag the corresponding solution to a hazard (i.e. dragging the mop to wipe the wet floor to avoid danger) so they will know what to do when these happen inside their homes. For every solution dragged into the correct hazard, a trivia will appear to lecture kids about the functionality of that solution.


Safety Signs

Safety Signs is a mini quiz that involves safety road signs. Kids have to guess the correct meaning of the road signs to get to the next question. For every correct answer, a trivia will appear to further discuss the meaning of that particular road sign.



Maddie and Matt’s Safe World is a free app for kids which aims on instilling important safety learning to lessen their being too innocent and vulnerable to danger. It’s true that there is no way that the world in this day and age can be considered “tame”. Still, there are ways that we can try to make our own little niche at home a very sound and “Safe World.”

We will keep on developing free apps for kids that will bring more entertainment mixed with education to them while they are still basking their junior phase. Visit Maddie and Matt’s official site to learn more about their enlightening adventure!


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