ReMINEd: Wish upon an App

Back when we were little kids, our parents would often ask us on our special day, “What’s your Birthday wish?” The little wishful thinker in us would instantly say our very own heart’s desire just so our wishes may be granted. Before, our parents are the ones fulfilling our wishes. But as we grow older, there will always be a space in our mind of the things that we want to attain. As matured people, we should learn to pursue these things on our own, in the best way that we can. But the question is, “How do we do it?”

There’s a popular belief that successful people get what they want through a constant reminder of their goals in life. Having a visual reminder of that certain material can attract the positive forces in getting what we want. Law of Attraction may be the greatest solution to our dilemmas and so ReMINEd was born.


Our iOS and Android developers designed ReMINEd to be a visual wishlist goal-setting app that will help you stay focused on your goal and make your wishes turn into a reality. The basic idea behind the app is to visually remind yourself of the things that you’ve been longing for and in God’s perfect time, be able to attain them.



Privately, you can store your wants in your MINE Box – whether it be a luxury car, a designer bag or a high-end gadget. With the Lite version, you can store up to five wants. I guess your list goes on and on and five wants won’t be enough. Purchasing the Full version for only $0.99 will let you store UNLIMITED wants and will definitely bring in more fun of listing down the things that will bring joy to your life.

Easy addition of wants

You can simply browse over the internet, take a photo or choose from your camera roll all your wants. With a tap of your finger, you can add or delete an item on your MINE Box.

Reminder Personalization

The app enables you to set the date of your target acquisition on when you should have it. You can also add a short note or a reminder on what you should do to be able to get that certain item.

Priority Levels

Everything is of different importance for us. By setting the priority levels of (Low, Medium or High) an item, we can now take note of what item we should need to acquire first, second and so on. By prioritizing your wants, you will be able to apply a sense of responsibility over these things.

Social Media Integration

If you don’t want to keep your MINE Box to yourself, you can broadcast it and share it with your family and friends over your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You’ll never know, they might be the ones fulfilling your wants for you.

AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. believes that having a visual wishlist will help you attain your goals effectively. ReMINEd will take you into a step by step process of attaining your goals and get those items straight into your hands.


We can’t deny the fact that all of us have desires, some are even hidden, right? Kidding aside, simply enter the name of your desired object and store it in your MINE Box.


Having a great desire will help you strengthen your feelings into getting that object. It would be better if we can have a visual representation of that item by taking a photo of it and from time to time, remind ourselves that we should get it.


We can’t have it all in just a snap. The first thing that we should do is to set our priorities in life and decide on which item we should focus on attaining first. I believe when we have a clear and focused mindset, we can have a greater chance of being successful in the end.


The app will allow you to attach a note or a reminder on what you should do in order to get that item. In your own little way, may it be saving a certain amount of money per week, this will turn out to be a big contribution after all. Set the goal straight and in the end, better results are bound to happen.

Take a sneak peek on what’s inside my MINE Box:

ReMINEd Screenshots

(1) Canon IXUS 240 HS Digital Camera – a handy buddy for my blogging duties; (2) iPhone 5s – if the rumors are true, I would gladly want to have a blue iPhone perfect for the instagram trend. If not, an iPhone 4s will do; (3) Summer Getaway – all I need is a simple summer getaway perhaps at the beach to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Often times, we can still be a little kid having our unlimited wishes as our mind wanders to a place full of everything fancy. We can get all of these and be successful if we have a strong will and a focused mindset towards achieving our precious goals in life. Defintely, ReMINEd app will take us into an easy and fun experience of listing down our wants as we slowly get our heart’s desires one by one.

Stars do exist only at night but an app will forever be at your side. Make your wishes upon an app and ReMINEd yourself that with great visualization comes great success.

Watch the tutorial video below:

For more wishful information, log on to ReMINEd’s website, Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter.

Download links:

ReMINEd Lite version for iOS (Free)

ReMINEd Full version for iOS ($0.99)

ReMINEd Lite for Android (Free)


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