IDBuddy to the rescue!

In this world where we have billions of ways to make our lives easier, there are still thousands of worries more than we can think of. One of them is the case of missing identity. It’s not literally losing yourself, but more of leaving your identification cards behind. Some of us accidentally leave them during the most important days—submission of requirements, shopping without your membership card, or even going to work without proof that you’re employed in that company. The common solution is to go home and try to retrieve the ID. Worry no more as we have come up with a savvy new app that will certainly bring you places without the leaving a piece of your identity.

IDBuddy App

The IDBuddy app is a simple yet functional app that you can use. If you are one of those who always worry about leaving their IDs behind, ID Buddy will save you from all that trouble. With IDBuddy, bulky wallets can now be avoided. Save space and have a piece of your identity right in just one touch.


  • Virtual wallet

    IDBuddy app

    Android version of IDBuddy

Since you have your IDs stored in the ID Buddy app, you are guaranteed to have them all in backup. Aside from the assurance of not missing a copy of your ID, you can also easily track your IDs as they are classified into different categories that are divided into different tabs: government, private, membership, and school identification. You will no longer need to search your entire wallet to find the ID that you need– just click on IDBuddy and you can easily trace what you are looking for.

To add an ID in IDBuddy: You can use the front and optional back images of your IDs by using the camera of your device or by getting the images from your camera roll. Once you have chosen the right images, you may now type in your ID number, ID name, and expiry date. After that, save the card to the category where it belongs: government, private, membership, or school.

  • Instant notification

With IDBuddy app, you will no longer need to keep track of all of the expiry dates of your IDs. IDBuddy has a built in alarm feature that alerts you when you need to renew your identification cards. No hassle and endless memorization required.

  • ID Manager Personalization

We like having things that shows our personality. We represent a part of ourselves by jazzing up our smartphones and gadgets. IDBuddy has no exception when it comes to dressing up. You can change the default black skin to the crisp white color or to glamorous gold.

Once you have chosen your preferred skin for your IDBuddy app, you can arrange your identification cards to the date “last taken” or by expiry date in ascending order. In case there is a need for you to delete all of your IDs, you may do so by choosing the wipe button.

  • Search Feature

IDBuddy lets user live an easy life as searching for IDs is made a breeze. Simply type in the name of your ID name or ID number to easily locate the identification card you are looking for.

  • Sharing Option

Now you can send your identification cards to your chosen recipients via email. No need for you to search for a photocopy center in order to submit your proof of identity.

IDBuddy About IDBuddy app  ID Buddy Skin IDBuddy app

The ease and functionality of IDBuddy app is what makes it one of the most reliable apps today. The IDBuddy lite allows you to store maximum of 5 identification cards. IDBuddy’s full version allows you to store an unlimited amount of IDs– why settle for less when you can have all your IDs  in just one app for the price of $1.99. Download IDBuddy from the App Store and Google Play now.

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