Get Head Over Wheels with CarCrazee

Are you diagnosed with “car addiction” and is in dire need to be in a rehabilitation? Fret not, you don’t need to cure that, as digging into such craze isn’t bad at all. Albeit we know that cars depreciate in value and cost way much than just our monthly payment or sunk cash, there’s still a love affair formed with cars. And for those of you who considered their automobiles as their most precious–like you can’t live without it– then there’s this photo-sharing hub designed exclusively for the autophiles like you. Did it tickle your fancy? I’ll get to this later on. Meanwhile, fasten your seat belts and join in this ride that will surely enrapture you.


Whether you’re merely gratified with the status cars give to you or just feel enthralled with the freedom it gives you as it takes you to literally anywhere, cars are just like our best bud besides our trustworthy dogs. Despite all the additional expenses your cars give you, I bet you’ve experienced frivolous spending just to own your dream car– be it a vintage car or a new luxurious automobile.

Now, with the advent of technology and the rise of photo-sharing craze app developers has introduced the tech geeks, there are an umpteen collection of apps for your mobile devices that caters to people’s different preferences and varied lifestyle.

Even car aficionados can delve into a masculine app that’s sure to converge all the car enthusiasts and satisfy their lusting for drool-worthy cars pimped with tiptop mugs and wheels.


Nuts About Cars

We have created a socializing utility that lets anyone sift through the hippest automobiles, over-the-top cars in tiptop shapes and engines that most car enthusiasts consider as their holy grail. The name? CarCrazee.

The app’s initial page is the registration area where you sign-up using your e-mail address or link it on your Facebook account. After you’ve created an account or your CarCrazee profile, you can then begin taking a snapshot of your vehicle including its edgy profile, aggressive flanks and its meticulous ducts.


“Zoomers” or the person following you has access to your photos and you may opt to “zoom in” or follow other users of the app or “zoom out” to unfollow some. This photo sharing community is built solely for car enthusiasts who most of the time crave for wheel time.


  • Camera- With this tab, you may opt to use the in-app camera to upload a real-time photo of your greatest car possession–be it a sports car, a family sedan or a sport utility vehicle–or simply use the images on your photo roll.
  • Search- This option allows you to browse through other users’ posts depending on the car’s model, brand, and location.
  • Friends- This entitles you to view the posts and activities of your friends or those you’ve zoomed in.
  • Popular- You can check this out to see what’s hot in the world of zoomers. This provides you what zoomers mostly dig into or are obsessed with.
  • Top Rated- This contains the most popular brands among the cars in the app. The information here is based on the app’s calculation of what brand of car got the most of number of likes.
  • News- Through its integration with Top Gear and other well-known car magazines, you can dig into this to see what’s cooking in the world of cars and automobiles.
  • Social Media Integration- If you want to be updated with the latest offerings of this app, you can religiously visit this tab to view the Twitter feeds of @CarCrazeeApp. You may also share your posts via the app’s Facebook integration.


Mend Your Car-ddiction

In this contemporary world, cars are a way of life for most of us. There are no other mass-made machine can ever match the convenience it gives us, hence we rely on it more often than not. And with this exclusive space gravitated towards those car-azee guys who love big toys that roll, this innovative app allows anyone to gain that pride of ownership and the brotherhood of machines.

CarCrazee is sure to bring out the car-monger in you, so why not show off your cars that you’re most fascinated about, and join in the community of car appreciators and car junkies over the globe? CarCrazee is a free app anyway currently available for iOS devices while its Android version will soon be released in the Google Play Store, so better watch out for that.

Meanwhile, if you want to keep up with the updates and know the other deets about the app, visit the Official Website here:

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