My First Alphabet of Good Manners and Values

We often see kids using computers, smartphones, iPads, and the like for they are of the right age group most likely engaged in today’s technology. These platforms have various advantages that can be either used as an avenue for entertainment or as a tool for education.

Maddie and Matt's A-Z's of Good Manners and Values

As one of the fastest growing app development companies in the Philippines, we have released our first educational app called Maddie and Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners and Values for young boys and girls last summer of 2012.

Through this free application, learning is now exclusive with its interactive and easy to navigate features. The app lets children easily understand the proper way of dealing with friends, elders, and other people where they are given the freedom to select a particular setting starting from A to Z, revealing one good action per letter in just one tap.

No time for your kids? You can now play with your little one, as Maddie and Matt lets you and your children connect with each other in an extraordinary way by giving both of you time to bond using the application. The colorful visuals and helpful information of Maddie and Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners and Values can be used as an effective tool in educating children that will help develop their young minds.

Maddie and Matt's A-Z's of Good Manners and Values

The twenty-six letters in the alphabet used in the application “Maddie and Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners and Values” reminds me of our first alphabet at home and in school. This kind of application represents one brilliant transformation which contributes to education that is within global reach.

As the pilot educational app for kids, the idea is to introduce each user to a whole new experience of learning. The approach is very relevant and appealing saying goodbye to the typical flash cards that are usually used by our parents and teachers.

Some of the accessible features of the app include:

  • Interactive Storybook– it is where kids can check out short scenarios with Maddie and Matt showing good behavior. They may also look for movable objects with embedded facts on it for additional knowledge.

Maddie and Matt's A-Z's of Good Manners and Values. IMG_0857

Maddie and Matt's A-Z's of Good Manners and Values IMG_0860

  • Coloring Maddie and Matt– it is an interesting feature that can bring out the little artist in your child. Kids can color either one of the characters or create their own artworks by choosing different colors that are available in the color palette.

IMG_0862Maddie and Matt's A-Z's of Good Manners and Values

  • Picture Me– it is the fun part of the app where you can capture your best moment and have your coolest photo taken with your newest friends, Maddie and Matt.

Maddie and Matt's A-Z's of Good Manners and Values

  • Sharing– instantly share your photos and art creation via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and even to their site by clicking the share button.
  • Help– an icon that is specially built to guide kids to further understand the free educational app.

It’s been months since the release of the educational application to the public and these adorable siblings received positive feedback from different users around the world bringing Happy Earth and Safe World to reality. Maddie and Matt’s journey will continue to teach kids of life’s lessons not just about practicing good manners, achieving environmental awareness, and equipping them to face the world for there are more to come.

For parents who are worried about paying one app for their young boys and girls, the application is available for both iPad and Android users, and it is definitely for FREE so worry no more!

Want to know more about Maddie and Matt? I recommend that you check our blog often for more information and announcement.

Watch Maddie and Matt’s A-Z’s of Good Manners and Values Video Here:


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