ADSI’s Kiducational Green App: Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth

Say hello to an application with tons of lessons on how kids can contribute or catalyze your community’s drive for a greener planet!

Following suit the success of their first application, we have developed yet another fun and educational mobile software with KidApps Inc. for the Maddie and Matt series! The second installation, named Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth, aims to teach children how to give importance to our Mother Nature’s well-being.

Knowing children’s minds work like sponges, we’re quite aware how they can easily acquire the mannerisms and habits of those around them. We’ve known this fact for so long but, it seems, we’ve always been taking it for granted. Since one of the effective strategies in teaching them is to lead by example, why not let them engage in play and learning with two of the smartest kids in the history of interactive apps?

Maddie and Matt's Happy Earth

Launched on September of last year, Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth has garnered a lot of positive attention from parents and kids worldwide, generating quite a number of downloads in the Apple App Store.

Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth is an educational interactive application which sets forth the intelligent siblings, Maddie and Matt, to an adventure of finding out what to do best with our deteriorating environment and the small meaningful ways to help it be as vibrant as it once was. The app has five features with tidbits of information about the Earth and the little ways that can start off its rejuvenation. It comes with games, an interactive story book, and a fact sheet. Happy Earth might have children as its main target audience but adults can also pick up something from the app as well.

Hi there, Happy Earth!

As ADSI always make it a point to have fun and education integrated seamlessly, their applications for kiddos are a balanced mix of play and learning. There are applications which only present knowledge but in a way that children may not appreciate while others are only featuring a fun gameplay which gives so little in return. Well, ADSI prefers to be in the middle ground instead of standing in neither of those extremes. With Happy Earth, kids will not only be entertained because they’ll be able to apprehend the status of our planet as well.


Create Your Own Happy Earth

Maddie and Matt's Happy Earth Create Your Own Happy Earth

Clicking on the first icon found in the homepage, users will have an access to create their very own version of a happy earth—literally. From the choices found on the right side of the screen, different sets of eyes and quirky looking mouths are at your disposal. By superimposing the various positive emotions on the blank globe, you can end up with a funny earth, a laughing earth, a love-sick earth, etc.

Spot The Difference

Maddie and Matt's Happy Earth Spot The Difference

The next icon is a game where users will have to tap on the items found in the second photo that’s not in the first one. The scene is an underwater picture of Maddie and Matt with fishes and corals. It’s up to the player to find the changes between the photos. Hint: Most of them are harmful to the ocean. *wink*

This is a great game for children since their mental and visual skills will be tested while they have fun looking at the wonderfully done graphics of the app.


Maddie and Matt's Happy Earth SegreGame

One of the most common problem of today is the improper garbage management. People are not taking to heart the importance of waste segregation when in fact, it’s the first step we should all take. To create a statement to the children, Happy Earth has this SegreGame where a pile of trash should be sorted out according to its corresponding bin. With each toss of the trash in its right basket, points will be awarded to the player. There are four bins namely: Dry Papers, Residuals, Biodegradable, and Recyclables.

With this game, kids will eventually master what should go where. This is a better way to instill in them the information rather than giving them a list, don’t you think?

Interactive Story

The plant icon with “start” written on it will take users to the interactive story starring none other than Maddie and Matt. Each of the 20 pages has a specific topic about conservation and taking care of the Earth alongside a very informational exchange of dialogue between the siblings, their parents, and friends.

Maddie and Matt's Happy Earth Interactive Story

Maddie and Matt's Happy Earth Interactive Story

With various locations set in every scene, children will be well-informed with the right things to do whenever they face a similar situation that happened with the intelligent duo. In each page, there are objects that can be moved and highlighted portions that once tapped, a relevant trivia about the situation will be shown.

Earth Facts

Maddie and Matt's Happy Earth Earth Facts

By referring to this tab, users will have access to 10 facts about our planet. From the basic facts to ones that you’ll probably only know through the app, what’s included in the list are substantial information that’s basically primary information about Mother Earth. With a single tap on one of the facts, a picture will appear on the left side of the screen.

Share It!

Maddie and Matt's Happy Earth Share Page

Don’t monopolize the knowledge! The app is integrated with Twitter and Facebook so do use these tools to make the others aware that such an incredible app exists. It’s much better to have an army of mini environmentalists, right? Get the other parents in the loop by tweeting and posting something about Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth and soon enough, we’ll be seeing a daintier dwelling.

Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth is a child-friendly application that’s a perfect learning tool in their early years of development. It instills in kids that taking care of our own home and doing the right measures to get our planet back in top top shape is not burdensome.

All of the app’s features are well-thought of and was made with love from its developers. With the goal of teaching the future generations on the how-to’s of being an eco-friendly individual with a fun twist, who says playing games and learning new stuff are two different things?

Download Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth for FREE on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now and see the little things you and your children do that can create a great impact towards our efforts of building one Happy Earth!

Happy Earth in the AppStore

Happy Earth in the Google Play Store


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