ReMINEd Posted on Nicolethedressupdoll

Our blogger friend Ethel is able to post a review on Nicolethedressupdoll blog site. *Thanks Nicole!* But not only that, interestingly, these two young ladies have something in common and that is they are both fascinated and impressed with ReMINEd’s exceptional features. According to Nicole, ReMINEd has a “virtual mine box that can remind you what to buy and what to do in an exact time.” Ethel approves of it and further says that it’s “an app that can potentially help you complete (or at least achieve up to 80%) the tasks on your to-do list.” Amazing, right?

Well, for those who don’t know ReMINEd yet, I suggest you read Nicole and Ethel’s complete post here:

Nicolethedressupdoll ReMINEd App Review


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