Another Five Stars From Applatter!

Cheers to Applatter for giving Maddie and Matt’s Safe World a five-star rating!

Having reviewed our other precious gems including the two Maddie and Matt apps prior to Safe World, Applatter had always been generous of raising their thumbs at the intelligent siblings. Who can blame them, really? Maddie and Matt’s Safe World has boatloads of precautionary measures that show children how to react in certain situations where they should fend themselves. Plus, it has a lot of features which includes an interactive story book and mini games, to name a few.

“Safe World will serve as a huge aid in imparting safety guidelines to kids especially when they are out of parental supervision.” — Applatter’s Jango Pearce

Kudos to Applatter! We’re hoping that our future apps will follow suit the five-star streak they’re giving us.

Applatter App Review

Head on to Applatter to read their comprehensive app review of Safe World.


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