The Maine Flair: “[ReMINEd] is a must-have!”

ReMINEd is rather felicitous for goal-setting and purchase planning. I have tried using it, and seeing the items that I want motivates me to get them. I even felt a tinge of restraint from impulse shopping sprees.” — Maine

With mall-wide sales out to get the people strolling and spending their moolahs on items they wouldn’t probably even need, fashionistas and mall rats gets bright-eyed as they see fancy pieces. The priced down items are tempting, really. But it’s always in the end when regret slowly creeps in as you realize that you just spent quite a sum on feckless things. If you’re determined to stop wasting your money and save up for something that you really like instead, then read Maine’s post on how ReMINEd by ADSI can help you with that resolution.

Read her full post here.

themaineflair reMINEd app feature

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