“ReMINEd: Your Personal Reminder All Year Round”

Why settle for small things if you deserve to have an iPhone, a house, or even a car? Yes, it’s just a matter of visualizing it and setting your goals right. How? Download ReMINEd today and let it be your instant guide.

Ever heard of “The Secret”? How about the use of vision boards? Yes, these two things both tell you to visualize your desires and put them somewhere you can easily see so you’ll be constantly reminded of your dreams. Well, ADSI’s lifestyle application called ReMINEd offers the same function. It is designed to help you set your goals effectively and achieve them at the right time.

Christmas is coming and today’s the best time to use this app so you can finally note all the items that you need to purchase. But the truth is, ReMINEd is not only for the Yuletide season because you can use it anytime you want. So, I suggest you visit the iTunes Store and download this cool app this instant. *Wink!*

By the way, ADSI would like to thank My Blog Times for allowing us to promote the app on their site. Check the full post here.

My Blog Times ReMINEd App Review


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