Lemuel Tried ReMINEd, Look What’s In His Mine Box!

If you’re now well-aware of what ReMINEd can do for you, then take a look at what Lemuel did. This young blogger might have just presented us all with a nice quirky way to use your visual wishlist application!

So yes, aside from the material wants that you can Google via the app’s “Choose From Web” option, apparently, you can also type in your celebrity crush’s name and place their most gorgeous picture on your Mine Box. What a funny and legit idea, Lemuel! Kudos to your wide imagination!

Wanna see who’s the lucky girl he has place in his Mine Box? Then read his full post here.

lemuelurieta's ReMINEd app feature

Just like what he said, with ReMINEd, you can “spread the awesomeness”. Download it now for free in the AppStore and Google Play Store for free but there’s also a full version ($0.99) available for iOS devices.


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