ReMINEd Gets Two Thumbs Up From Topheristic!

“I’m giving it two-thumbs up for being innovative and being super useful!” — Topheristic

Christopher, a journalist-to-be, tried out ADSI’s visual wishlist app and liked its simplicity and effectiveness. He said that through the app, all his cluttered thoughts about the things that he’s taking note of to buy in the near or far future won’t be so unorganized anymore. Since practicality should reign over our heads, we should all have a proper list of all our wishes since it can cost us quite a sum. To avoid being confused with the question, “where did your money went?”, download ReMINEd and start setting your priorities just like what Christopher did.

topheristic features ReMINEd

He also pointed out the different priority settings in ReMINEd because with each want, you can categorize if it’s a low, medium, or high priority want. For those with too many wishes, this feature can come in handy because you can’t possibly buy everything in a snap—unless you’re Bill Gates.

Read more of Christopher’s interesting look at ReMINEd by following this link. And to quote what he said, when you download the app, “you won’t regret it!”


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