Daily Trendzz Talks Goals And ReMINEd

ReMINEd is developed to help grant your heart’s desires.” – Daily Trendzz

Goals and the ReMINEd app run in the same category because they both pertain to three things: Visualizing, Setting and Acquiring. When you are done visualizing what you want to have or what will make your loved ones happy, you work on acquiring those things. Goal-setting and attaining might be hard for some but with the right mindset and willpower–acquire them, you will!

The Daily Trendzz examines what ReMINEd offers, and how the visual wish list reminder app works on pushing you closer to your goals. Click here to read their full evaluation of ReMINEd.


We are thanking the Daily Trendzz for featuring our app, ReMINEd!

Start visualizing and setting your goals with ReMINEd app. Download the app now on App Store and Google Play Store!


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