ReMINEd On Sineall Tech Blog

Blogs who allow guest posts are such a gift from heaven! Just like SineAll who agreed to publish one of our write ups about ReMINEd for free. To adhere to what Jhen said on her post, the app can also help its users attain that special gift they’re eyeing for their relatives or friends. Ain’t it sweet? With ReMINEd, one can fill their Mine Box with not just the things they want for themselves but also with pretty baubles that they’d like to surprise their loved ones with.

Another dandy feature of ReMINEd is the fact that aside from your camera roll, you can put in a picture of your want by browsing the web through the “Choose From Web” option. Cool, right? Read the full post here.

sineall features ReMINEd

You can download this handy app via the AppStore and Google Play Store. It has two versions for the iOS device: Full and Lite. What are you waiting for? Equip your device with this visual wishlist app!


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