ReMINEd Is On Pensive Thoughts

Wanting a certain item or a goal in life can be easily forgotten when you’re busy with life’s demanding tasks. For people to who love to dream and form goals in their head, a perpetual reminder of the things that they want to have is just what they need. Since today’s ever-moving technology keeps us and our smart phones joined at the hip 24/7, a visual wishlist reminder that you can easily check all the time must be installed on your devices.

This is one of the reasons why we brought ReMINEd to the app market. ReMINEd allows people to visualize and attain their goals as they fill their Mine Box with the things that they want and have a time set for each. That way, you can make sure that you are properly tracking that things that you want to achieve. Pensive Thoughts will tell you how ReMINEd can help when you want to work on your goals. Read her review here.


We are expressing our deepest gratitude to Pensive Thoughts for featuring our app, ReMINEd.

Learn to be pensive as well and start mining your dreams and goals with the help of ReMINEd! Download ReMINEd now on the App Store and Play Store!

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