The PR Guy Says ReMINEd Is A Cool App For Guys

Do you know Paul The PR Guy? Well, if not, he’s the quirky writer who talks about anything under the sun. So, guess what? He has downloaded ReMINEd and found it cool! Oh, he was even generous enough to talk about it on his blog!

the pr guy app feature of ReMINEd

We are more than grateful that Paul has chosen our visual wishlist app as one of his first downloads on his brand new iOS device. And the amazing thing is, he said that ReMINEd is “one cool app for us guys”. Definitely, ReMINEd is not gender-specific because its goal is to help individuals achieve their material wants no matter if they’re a girl, boy, or somebody in between. *wink*

There are two versions of ReMINEd in the AppStore: the Lite and Full. If you have wants that’s more than five, it’s much better to download the Full version since you’ll get to put in unlimited wants there. But for Android devices, there’s only the free version which is great nonetheless.

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