Applatter’s Rohan Dagger Muses That ReMINEd Is A “Fantabulous App”!

ADSI thanks the Applatter team especially Rohan Dagger for giving our visual wishlist application, ReMINEd, a five-star rating! All our hard work can really be deemed worth it when others appreciate our products, so again, we are extending our gratitude to their team.

ReMINEd is a goal-setting application aimed at getting its users out and about to achieve their dreams. Basically, it allows users to put in a picture of their wants and then set a deadline for it. Being a mobile app, they can now constantly look at all their wishes any time of the day and anywhere in the globe, which is a great motivator. Check out the its official website to learn more about the app.

And as what Rohan mentioned, “The idea of putting up a wish list application is definitely fantabolous and very advantageous to users! I like to salute its developer for their aims to encourage users to set a goal and strive harder. This reminds me to do better to be able to succeed in the future.

Read the full post here.

reMINEd app review by applatter


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